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Tumbler Shields 🛡

Steel Shield Bundle Deal

Steel Shield Bundle Deal

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If you have our Ultimate Bundle and want to have our whole assortment of Shields then GRAB THIS STEEL SHIELD BUNDLE at 30% OFF!!!

Introducing the Steel Shields!  A one of a kind SILICONE base and lid which give you a 1/2 inch line EACH AND EVERY TIME!  The Steel Shields are designed to fit snugly onto the top and bottom of your 20oz Tumbler. They are tapered at the lip to provide the CLEANEST spray line, glitter edge, epoxy line you've EVER HAD!!  The flexible SILICONE material, a perfect fit for this application won't break down when exposed to aerosol paints, alcohols, or even solvents like Acetone!  

Designed with the crafter in mind... this easy to use tool will get you the result you seek in a fraction of the time!  This creation was driven by our Tumbler Shield community who've voiced their desire for a tool that will give them a clean line every time so we took on the challenge to bring that idea to fruition!  

WHAT DO THEY FIT?  List subject to grow 

20oz PURPLE BASE: Hogg 20oz Modern, Hogg 20oz Storyboard, Ozark Trail 30oz, Ozark Trail 10oz Low Ball, Ozark 20oz, Ozark 40oz, Yeti 30oz, BUILT 20oz, 30oz, Hogg 32Slim, Hogg 24oz, ArtMinds 18.5oz (Michael's Brand)

20oz PURPLE TOP: Hogg 20 Modern, 20oz Storyboard, Steel Magnolia 22True, Ozark Trail 20oz, ArtMinds 18.5oz, Hogg 22oz Fatty (Top and Bottom), Hogg 22Slim 

HOGG 20oz skinny, Steel Magnolia 20oz Skinny

20oz Skinny YELLOW BASE: 20oz Skinny

20oz Skinny YELLOW TOP: 20oz Skinny Straight 

30oz PINK BASE: Hogg 30oz Modern Curve, Hogg 30oz Original (pictured), Ozark Trail 24oz Water Bottle, Steel Magnolia 22True, RTIC 30oz

30oz PINK TOP: Hogg 30oz Modern Curve, Hogg 30oz Original (pictured), Ozark Trail 30oz, Hogg 32Slim

30oz Skinny BLUE BASE: 30oz Skinny, 20oz Built, HOGG 35oz Skinny

30oz Skinny BLUE TOP: 30oz Skinny, 20oz Built 30oz Skinny Straight for both the top and base


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