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Thank you for donating a Care Package!

As you all may know, Mike Phillips recently deployed on The Nimitz. Almost 7,000 sailors are currently deployed and will not be able to spend this holiday season with their loved ones. Some sailors do not receive care packages during their time out at sea and our goal is to keep this from happening!

This is a fantastic way to bless the men and women fighting for our freedom! A thoughtful package of any size can mean so much while they are separated from their families and homes during the holidays. Helping boost their morale is essential and we are proud to be an encouragement to our military members with your help!

Our goal is to send 30 care packages before Dec 9th to ensure they receive them by Christmas! With your help, we can meet (or exceed!!) this goal and remind our service members that we are appreciative of their sacrifice and are thinking of them while they are abroad!