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Tumbler Shields 🛡

Tumbler Shields ULTIMATE Bundle

Tumbler Shields ULTIMATE Bundle

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Now offering every size we carry in silicone in a bundle package!  You get 30oz, 30oz Skinny, 24oz, 20oz, 20oz Skinny, 14oz Kids, 14oz Wine, 12oz Kids, 12oz Wine!!  

If you work with multiple sizes and brands then this bundle is perfect for you as they fit 95% of all tumblers. 

Here is a basic list of the shields size and color.
Please keep in mind that these shields fit multiple tumblers. If you would like a more in depth list please check the description under each shield. 

30oz pink
20oz purple
20oz skinny blue
30oz skinny coral
24oz yellow
14oz turquoise
12oz kids green
14oz wine Orange
12oz wine burgundy

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