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Tumbler Shields 🛡

MagAdapter 3/4 Inch Quick Disconnect

MagAdapter 3/4 Inch Quick Disconnect

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It's time to step into the future and upgrade to the MAGADAPTERS!!  After years of using threaded adapters to attach our cups to our turners we've come up with a "Quick Release" solution that makes life SO MUCH EASIER!!  

Using our high-strength magnets we've designed the perfect solution that not only looks great but saves a TON of time!  These polarity specific magnets provide around 40lbs of force to hold your heaviest projects in place while you do your magic!  

There's NO need to purchase a whole new Turner!  Our MagAdapters are simply an upgrade that will CHANGE the game for you!  

Each set comes with a MALE AND FEMALE end designed to be inserted and glued into your SCHEDULE 40 PVC to provide the grip strength needed to support your cup!  Each end of the MagAdapter will have a polarity specific Neodymium magnet fastened to the end of the adapter for hundreds of hours of uses!  

As the world of Tumblers evolves we need to keep up to ensure our tools are able to support the larger tumblers AND Hydrobottles that are the new HOTNESS!!  These bottles can be heavy and put loads on your turners that may be unsustainable.  Our MagAdapaters are up to the task!  Try a set now! 

Due to our MagAdapters being 3D printed please expect slight variations with fitment into your PVC. To combat this issue simply apply a single piece of masking tape to remove the gap before you glue your MagAdapters to the PVC.

NOTE: You must be using Schedule 40 PVC for your MagAdapters to work with your turner

Shipping 10 to 12 business days. 

*** Mag adapters are not compatible with Denos quick release turners YET***  

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