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Tumbler Shields šŸ›”

30oz SILICONE Tumbler Shield

30oz SILICONE Tumbler Shield

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This injection molded silicone 30oz Tumbler Shield is designed to protect the inside of your 30oz Tumbler from spray paints, airbrush inks and epoxy while you create your masterpiece. Ā Install it at the beginning before you apply your base coat paints, use it while you apply your epoxy to ensure your epoxy goes where it should and NEVERĀ where it shouldn't! Ā Our Shields are designed to help reduce your clean up time so you can focus your attention on making that PERFECT Tumbler!

This Shield also fits 30oz Modern Curve (Hogg) / 32oz Slim (Hogg) / 30oz YETI / 30oz RTIC / 30oz Ozark Trail Tumblers, 30ozĀ Makerflo, 32oz Taper Makerflo, 40oz modern curve Hogg, 30oz Mother Tumbler, 32 true SteelĀ Magnolia, 40oz Makerflo, 40oz curve Makerflo, 30oz curve Makerflo, 30oz Makerflo.Ā 


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