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Tumbler Shields 🛡

30oz Skinny/20oz Built HydroLid

30oz Skinny/20oz Built HydroLid

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Try our NEW HydroLids for all your tumbler hydro dipping needs!

Based on our popular Tumbler Shield design, these HydroLids provide the same amount of protection from paints and now water as you dip your tumbler to create your one of a kind abstract design.  HydroLids are made from the same TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) as the original Tumbler Shields and are guaranteed to last hundreds of uses!  

Please allow 10 business days for order fulfillment and shipping.

Insert the included friction fit handle into the top of the HydroLid then insert the HydroLid into your 30oz Skinny tumbler for a snug fit!  You are now ready to dip your tumbler.  Once dipped, remove the friction fit handle and set your finished product on a flat surface to dry.  

This Shield also fits the 20oz BUILT Tumbler, 30oz skinny Makerflo, 35oz skinny HOGG, 20oz skinny BUILT.


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