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Ver. 2 Stanley Handle Turner Attachment Set

Ver. 2 Stanley Handle Turner Attachment Set

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Individual Piece

Upgrade your toolbox with the new Stanley Handle Turner Attachment Set!

This comprehensive set includes:

Turner Attachment: Engineered for precision and durability, offering secure grip of your handle during spray paint application and decoration. Supports 1/2" and 3/4" PVC pipe and designed as a 2 piece to aid replacement parts if needed.  

2 Tumbler Tab Covers: Crafted to protect your tabs from paint and epoxy during the decorating process enabling an uncompromising fit after your creation is complete! 

6 Handle Screw Plug Covers: Ensure your handle screw holes are securely covered and protected from debris as your decorate your handle.  

Designed with the professional and DIY enthusiasts in mind, this set promises to enhance your tools performance and longevity.  Get yours today, exclusively at Tumbler Shields! 

This is a HOT ITEM and requested by many so take advantage of this STEAL of a DEAL and get yours NOW!

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